Hot Site Backup Index

Tuesday 24 October 2017 at 06:24 am.

Hot site backup index has a virtual mirror image of the current data center, it has all systems configured and is waiting for the last backup pf your user data from off-site storage facility. If you could imagine, a hot site backup can often brought up to its full production in just few hours, a hot site is the most expensive approach in disaster recovery.

There are three different sources for backup sites:

  1.  Companies which specializes in providing a disaster recovery service
  2. Mutual agreement with other organization to share their data center facilities in case of an event disaster
  3. Other locations that are owned and are operated by your organization

Every approach may have a negative or positive point. Let’s say for example, having a contract with a disaster recovery firm would often give you access to all professional skilled in selected guiding organizations through testing, process of creating and implementing a recovery plan for disaster. These services do not come with an additional cost.

When using space in another facility that is operated and owned by your organization can be at zero cost option, but if you will stock backup sites and maintaining its readiness is an expensive proposition.

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