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Tuesday 24 October 2017 at 06:23 am.

Hot Site Index

Hot site index is a duplicate from the original site of organization, it has a full computer system like a near-complete backups of the user data. It has a real time synchronization with 2 sites and may be used to mirror the data environment from the original site using a wide area of network links and s specialized software.

Hot site index is a disaster recovery facility which mirrors organization’s production database in real time. There is an operational recovery provided within just minutes of the disaster. This is in contrast with “warm site”, wherein it periodically updates database and contrast to “cold site”, wherein it has equipment and space available when needed.

This is a website that is running and up, it is a popular and interesting website. For an instance, if the data center of an enterprise becomes inoperable, all operation data processing can be moved to a hot site. It has all the equipment needed for the enterprise for its operation to continue, including furniture and office space, computer equipment and telephone jacks. Typically, a business usually has an annual contract with one company which offers hot and cold site index with a monthly service charge.

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