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Understanding the Different Types of Buddhism

Monday 18 December 2017 at 08:15 am.

When I was young, I only have knowledge of my own religion but as I grow up and start learning from school, I gained knowledge that there are many different religions all over the world and one of them is Buddhism. I did not know that the statue I am scared of when I was little was actually Buddha and he contributed a lot in history and is the foundation of this worldwide belief.

Buddhism is being practiced in some Northern and southeast parts of Asia. This is a religion that believes in inner peace and enlightenment. There are different types of Buddhism and I will give you some basic facts about these types to better understand them. You can find more details on  Understanding the Different Types of Buddhism on the site


This is the most ancient among all types of Buddhism. It is known as the doctrine of the elders. This is being practiced in some countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Laos. This type is also gaining followers in Singapore, Vietnam, and some western countries, too. The text that this type is using is called a Pali Canon. Theravada is considered the closest to the teachings of Buddha.


Mahayana Buddhism is also known as the Great Vehicle. This type is familiar in some countries like Japan, China, Korea, Mongolia, and Vietnam. With this type, attaining enlightenment is a collective effort. They have bodhisattvas who help followers to attain enlightenment.


This type of Buddhism is actually related to Mahayana Buddhism. This is also called as Tantric Buddhism. This type is being practiced mainly in Tibet, Japan, and some parts of China. Followers have gurus or spiritual teachers that will let you have access on esoteric knowledge about their belief. This type of Buddhism has many rituals and they also believe in supernatural powers and abilities. But the same as all the other types, their goal is to be able to achieve enlightenment.