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Cool Pet Names: Dragon Names

Tuesday 23 January 2018 at 07:39 am.

Do you have a pet at home and have you been frustrated about what you are going to be naming your pet? I mean, there are so many names out there to use on your pet and some people just find it so damn easy to name them. But when you are put on the spot to name a pet, it can actually be a hard thing to do. The movies must have been fooling you about how hard the process of actually cool dragon names a pet or something else and making it seem easy. Now, there are a lot of pets that you can name and here are some of them.

Dog names

Dogs can be quite hard to name. After all, you want the name to be perfect, you want them to recognize their name so that in actuality, they will listen to your commands especially if you plan on training them that way. Also, the name must at the very least be something connected to them or something you want them to be. In this sense, naming your dog with dragon names can actually be helpful. Not that you want your dog to be a dragon but you want him to be as strong as a dragon can become.

Cat names

Now, cat names can also be quite challenging especially since they are quite the furry friend. They are nice to hold and even nicer to pet. They live for a long time as well so you can depend on them for company. However, when it comes to naming, it can be harder than ever but do not worry, instead of using human names, you can just use dragon names to name them up.

Bird names

Since birds are closely related to dragons in a sense that they both have wings and fly, you can actually try to name your birds using dragon names because that would at least make the most sense of all.