You Do Not Have to Give Your Credit Card Info to Get Free Trials or Access Sites

Monday 10 December 2018 kl. 06:07

Seeing the words “free trial” in a website for a service or product that you are interested in can light your eyes up. Then you click on said link and realize that you have to give out your credit card details in order to access the freebie and your eyes suddenly fills with dread. You have heard all about the horror stories of identity theft and online fraud and you do not want to take any risks. But do you know that it is still possible to get what you want? All you need is a credit card generator. More information on Credit card generator on

How does it work?

A credit card generator gives you a fake credit card that works as good as a credit card form banks and financial services companies like Wells Fargo, Amex, Barclays, Citibank, and many others.

What about upfront payments?

For websites that ask for an upfront fee such as Netflix or Spotify, using a testing credit card will not work since they ask for more than just your credit card number.

Is it legal?

You cannot use this fake credit card to purchase anything. Its main purpose is to bypass online forms that only ask for a credit card number in order to access the site or service. For a real credit card to work, you will need the CVV or CSV number and a valid expiration date. A credit card generator do not give out this information, which makes it legal to use. Even online merchants use testing credit cards to test their website or card readers.

If you ever find yourself wanting a free trial or service from an online site that requires a credit card, there is no need to share your real credit card information – especially when you are sure that you will not be purchasing anything from the said site. Having a credit card generator is a good thing.

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