Characteristics of a Good Selfie Ring Light

Tuesday 09 January 2018 kl. 04:51

Whether you are a social media influencer, blogger, or simply someone who likes to take good pictures, good lighting is key for awesome pictures. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford expensive looking cameras and hire a professional lighting system everytime you want to take a picture or a selfie. At best, most are reduced to using their own smartphones to capture moments. However, no matter how advanced your smartphone is, there will always be a time that you’ll wish you have your own portable light to help you take better pictures. luvostore has more information on the Selfie Ring Light.

For this reason, a selfie ring light is considered staple in every amateur photographer’s kit. It provides a portable lighting system to make your photos look more stunning and professional-looking. If you are thinking of buying a selfie ring light, here are some of the things you need to look for before making a purchase:

  1. Must be versatile.

 A good selfie ring light must offer adjustable settings to suit your needs. A standard selfie ring light has at least three intensity of brightness that you can easily adjust to take the perfect selfies. It also should feature adjustable light color temperature for photos that looked like they were taken by experts.

 Must be practical.

 The best selling point of selfie ring lights is that they are portable and light. You can bring it anywhere without causing any hassle. It should also be easily clipped and removed from your smartphone or mobile device anytime you need it to.

 Must be user-friendly.

 Taking good pictures shouldn’t feel like a challenge. Your selfie ring light should not be so complicated that you’ll have a hard time personalizing the lighting you need for a particular photo. A good selfie ring light can be used regardless of the time and place and can adapt to whatever your requirements for the moment.

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The Primera Air Experience

Thursday 04 January 2018 kl. 07:34

Primera Air is a Scandinavian airline. This airline has just made its debut thus considering it young. This airline is so popular in Scandinavia that it has appeared in several commercials in Sweden. Because of its popularity, more and more people have been intrigued on what service do they offer for their customers. Some of this feedbacks might be positive while there are also some negative ones. If you are one of the curious people who would like to know about it, perhaps you should know first the experience of those who have already tried flying with this airline. The best way to know it is to read blog articles about it. You can find more details on Swedish Blogger on the site

Here are the recorded experience of those who flew with Primera Air:

Some people have complained about not getting free food from this airline. They also complained about the legroom. However, if you are going to consider that this is a low-cost airline perhaps you should forget about those as you are just going to get what you pay for. Primera Air does not do long-haul flights. With this reason, this is a good option for flying in Europe.

The staff in Primera Air is friendly. Aside from that, the food and drinks are just sold in a regular price. With the amount you paid for, you could get comfortable seats.

The maximum duration of the flying time with Primera Air is just 3.5-hour long. The comfort and service this airline offer are good enough for that duration.

When it comes to the frequency of its flights, Primera Air flies across Scandinavian airports a couple of times a month.

When it comes to baggage, you don’t get a checked bag in the price you pay. The ticket includes a standard size cabin bag of maximum 10 kg. If you want to check in a bag, it can not be heavier than 23 kg.

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