Pros in Hot sites

Tuesday 24 October 2017 kl. 06:25

If your company needs few hours instead of minutes for the recovery time objective then you most likely need a hot site. The hot site is used to share equipment for infrastructure components like peripherals and servers. Its storage is dedicated and real time date replication is used to take data from production site to disaster recovery site.

Equipment in disaster recovery sites are shared by multiple customers, it is less expensive compared to other hosted sites.

Hot sites are useful in common and isolated business interruptions:

  • Localized flooding – reliable in these kind of instances
  • Power outage - in case of power outrage all data will be recovered
  • Main site hardware failure -  a backup is provided to insure database recovery
  • Internet connectivity issues – unexpected problems in the internet may interrupt operations

Hot sites can also provide location for business functions:

  • Call center
  • Storage
  • Can be another branch for location
  • Useful for training

Hot site index is a disaster retrieval facility which mirrors organization’s assembly database in real-time. There is an operational retrieval provided within minutes after an event disaster. This is in total contrast with a “warm site”, where it periodically informs database and contrast towards “cold site”, where it has equipment and space accessible when desired.

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