Course Hero free subscription guide to avoid rejected documents

Wednesday 15 August 2018 kl. 10:02

If you’re a Course Hero user, you know that uploading articles at Course Hero can help you earn rewards such as free premium accounts. Who doesn’t want free premium account on popular websites if it helps you save money?

However, there are some users who get frustrated because their articles are rejected at Course Hero on @accountguru on Medium. So, here are the tips that we can provide you so that each time you click the upload button, the documents you send is always accepted.

Are you ready? Memorize the tips below and earn rewards.

Correct tagging

Correct tagging is important. It seems to be a petty reason but it’s imporant to take note of it. You must tag the correct school as well as the correct school so the document be approved.

Almost similar to tagging, make sure to classify the documents you’ll send. Indicate if it’s a lesson or a practice problem.

Full page document

You can’t provide extensive information if you’re not sending a full page document. Your readers want to know the right information as well as deeper information about the lesson. So, if you’re sending just for the sake of providing a document, there’s a chance that the documents be rejected. You don’t want that to happen, so write useful information.

Descriptive title

Always provide a descriptive title because it helps the readers. You don’t want to give them a hard time finding your document. That’s the reason why you are sharing your documents, so the readers must find it.

One document policy

One document policy requires you to provide original composition. Never send copyrighted materials especially if it has no permission to the owner. If you have one topic, don’t separate it into multiple documents.

No photographs

Don’t send photographs. There’s no chance that it will be approved. Don’t waste your time sending it.

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Don’t Keep Your Bitcoins To Yourself Use Them For Some Bitcoin Gambling At A Cryptocurrency Casino At JETWIN

Monday 13 August 2018 kl. 10:13

If you have bitcoins, why would you keep them and no use them.  A bitcoin is an online currency that you can use to buy things online or to enjoy some Bitcoin Gambling at JETWIN.  There are many online sites like JETWIN where you can use bitcoin for their Bitcoin Games. Learn about Bitcoin casino USA on

Cryptocurrency Casino, available at JETWIN, is a great way for you to use your virtual currency called bitcoin. If you visit the JETWIN website, you will find out that at this site you can enjoy Casino Games.  JETWIN has designed their Bitcoin Games to provide players of Bitcoin Gambling entertainment and enjoyment.

But why choose JETWIN?

Why Should Choose JETWIN for Your Cryptocurrency Casino?

The bitcoins you are holding on to are also called cryptocurrencies.  These digital currencies are accepted at JETWIN.  At JETWIN you can play Bitcoin Games and get the chance to multiply your bitcoins.

JETWIN is not the only Cryptocurrency Casino where you can play Casino Games.  However, you may want to explore JETWIN as the Bitcoin Gambling site of your choice because:

  • JETWIN offers a Bitcoin Games site that you can trust. Playing Bitcoin Gambling at this Cryptocurrency Casino is safe, secure and private.
  • JETWIN Casino Games provide excitement and entertainment for Bitcoin Gambling players that would be hard to surpass.
  • If you are a lover of sports, JETWIN Casino Games have sports betting, too, where you can use your bitcoins.

Don’t Waste Your Bitcoins

There’s really no point keeping your bitcoins to yourself when you can use them at a Cryptocurrency Casino like JETWIN.  You already have them, anyway.  Why waste them when you can enjoy Bitcoin Games and Bitcoin Gambling anytime.

Visit JETWIN and you will be amazed at their offers, including their No Deposit Bonus.

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Retro stocking; reasons to have the best stocking

Monday 13 August 2018 kl. 06:49

Carry styles and looking gorgeous has always been the first priority of the women and no woman can deny it because this make them perfect in every way and you know that how important it is? Women have always been addicted to the fashion and this is not a bad thing that makes them adorable if it has been done in the right direction and earring is one of the important parts of them. If you have done your selection with the proper attentiveness and you are looking gorgeous with that endearing make up than one can expect that a woman with the complete example of the beauty with the brain. You can find more details on retro stockings on the site

Diamante hoop earrings; the vintage collection of the clothing and accessories belongs to the women are in the every city across the world but have you noticed which one is capable enough to understand the choice of the women. Here at this point I would like to suggest you some basic things if you are going to buy those things then you may go for it because earrings are important part of your looks that can change your look completely. Going across these points;

  • While going for the vintage styles of clothing and accessories you must be very specific with your budget because it could be costly.
  • Most of the websites are claiming that they are selling the genuine one and it can be verified as well from various respective customer feedback pages.
  • If you are really interested for the online shopping for your vintage collection of accessories and attire then you need to find out the store that serves this purpose without any false commitment.
  • Check for the offers which stores are offering on these types of collections while looking this kind of classic collections of clothing you may check the offers from the respective stores.


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Guilt Free Of The Air Conditioning Services Kent

Sunday 12 August 2018 kl. 09:18

The point of buying something new is either you only want it and you really need it. whichever it is that you have in mind why you are going to buy the air conditioning, you have to consider that services it has to offer. The air conditioning services Kent does everything for you. from the moment you bought the product and maintaining it for you.Author is an expert of Air conditioning Kent, go here for more interesting information.

  1. If you buy the air conditioning unit, of course you always have the benefit of the doubt on whether you bought the most durable one or the weakest one, you will always need a maintenance. Some offers maintenance and some wont. Some offers a period of warranty and some even shorter. If you choose air conditioning service Kent all if those worries will be gone.
  2. Air conditioning Services Kent offers you a long period of service warranties on repairs and services with no questions asked. You are going to buy in one of the most reliable company and assures you a services in your most convenience and affordability units and services.
  3. Air conditioning services Kent has a speedy like response from your phone to your home. It offers you services and maintenance like you are a baby that needs to get responded asap, that needs to be well-taken care of and thus pamper you with your most satisfaction because your wellness is their passion.

Before you buy an air conditioning unit you also have to find some critics on how well they respond to their services of course the most reliable people to answer is those that have already proved their worth and as what survey comes out with the result that the air conditioning services Kent is number one in the list. It would be too bad for you if you don’t try it. no regrets! Just try and you’ll see.

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Performing Liposuction On Your Own

Wednesday 08 August 2018 kl. 09:03

Liposuction is a medical procedure where they suck the fat out of the person’s body. It sounds a bit disgusting but that is the actual case and it helps people that want to lose weight in a fast rate. The evolution of technology has allowed people to perform liposuction on their own. That’s right you can buy something like the Lipo Melt that allows people to perform liposuction. Now, of course, there are things that you need to know and consider when doing these things. Learn more about link you may visit on


What you need to know when doing these things on your own

l  First of all, make sure you get the right device or mechanism for the job. Try to make sure that the device is authentic to use.

l  Follow the instructions as well so that you won’t have problems with it. There are instructions when it comes to using the device so that you stay safe. Aside from the methodology of the actual process, there are also instructions on the safety precautions of the device.

l  You should also find out if your body is healthy enough to use these devices. That’s because you may not be fit yet to take and use these devices for the time being.

Just a few things to consider

l  When using these devices and you feel that they are harming your body, then stop using it for the time being. Make sure as well to have your body checked by medical experts in case side effects start to show so that you can remain safe.

l  If you’re not sure on how to use these devices then just head to an expert and have a surgery performed on you. It may cost more but you can at least be guaranteed that it can be safe.

Performing liposuction on your own sounds good but always be safe when doing so.

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Rubber Patches; Where To Purchase The Best One

Wednesday 08 August 2018 kl. 06:18

Nowadays internet has created the biggest market place for the buyers and sellers so if you are pondering that from where you could be able to get the best one then I guess you need not to worry for it. Going through the internet you will be able to find the best online store for the purchasing and if you have earlier purchased it then you are not going to face any difficulties because you do have the experience of buying.Rubber patches one of the finest patches are now available in the market even online and offline both and buying option for both of them are quite similar but in the offline mode you can check it physically. has more information on the pvc patches.

Rubber patches; most of the online stores are keeping the good quality of the rubber patches and if you are thinking to purchase then firstly I want you to check the feedback given by the customer and this will give you the brief idea about the product durability. As I have been the user of the rubber patches for the one my sport team then we ordered from the and it was completely good as expected. There are numbers of online stores you have to search it out from your own based city so that you could be able to get it as you want for your purpose. These steps may helpful for you;

  • Check the customer feedback page so that you can find it easy to buy because you are going to pay.
  • Always ask for assistance from the seller to help you if you are buying first time and if they are helping for the same then you can be able to understand the way of his services that you are to avail in the future if needed.
  • Qualities for all the patches matters more than anything if it is good then you have found the best patches from the best stores and that will make you felt better.

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